TDA gives GFS' donated items to working team in Surin province
Topic: TDA gives GFS' donated items to field

Photo: Field staffs with GFS’ donated items at Surin’s Field Office

Thai Civilian Deminer Association (TDA) by Mr. Amornchai Sirisai went to landmine clearance site at border area of Surin province on 9 May 2012 to give GFS’ donated items to field team. On that day, NPA’s Programme Manager Mr. Aksel Steen-Nilson and Maj. Sampop and his team from Humanitarian Mine Action Unit 3 (HMAU 3) also went to visit field operation, taking with them Khun Bussaba Sivasomboon from Bangkok Post Newspaper who collected all relevant information in field regarding NPA-TDA landmine clearance method for article that she would make published in Bangkok post soon.    

Photo: Mr. Amornchai Sirisai is presenting GFS’ donated items to Capt. Karn Rittiplang NPA-TDA Field Manager at Field Office at Surin province

Photo: Mr. Amornchai is talking to all field staffs at Field Office before they leave for clearance site

Photo: Capt. Somsak from HMAU 3 is briefing Khun Bussaba (Red Shirt) from Bangkok Post about landmine problem and what his unit has done in conjunction with NPA-TDA

Photo: Amornchai Sirisai Director of TDA (left) and Aksel Steen-Nilson NPA Programme Manager are visiting field operation to supervise and to boost field staffs’ morale.

Photo: Mr. Amornchai is taking group photo with some de-miners at landmine clearance site which is about 2 kilometers from border line with Cambodia

Landmine clearance method used by NPA-TDA project will first gather information about boundary of minefield. Most favorable key informants would be landmine victim who know very well where landmine should burry. And so some sectors in suspected area might be released after interview as they are not really contaminated with landmine. The left sectors, technical check with metal detector will be employed. It is still possible that some sectors could be released, and so the last remaining sector would be real minefield that requires full clearance. With this method, landmine clearance is more cost-effective, and is about three times as fast as traditional landmine clearance.  

Photo: Landmine victims who lost leg are attending the visit. They are a good informant

Photo: Mr. Jamroon Paengpit, landmine victim, is posting for photo just about 5 meters from where he stepped on landmine 22 years ago. He remembers very well when he was 21 year old, he came here to collect forest products, and stepped on landmine that cut his right leg ever since. As seen in the photo, 2 meters back from him (marked with red sheet with white skull) is still buried with one anti-personnel landmine PMN. This area is believed contaminated with many landmines that NPA-TDA project will continues to clear them out for the safety of local people. 

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