Golden Foods Siam Co., Ltd. (GFS) makes a donation for the humanitarian landmine
Topic: GFS makes a donation to TDA

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Engaged and experienced in food production for longer than 20 years, the Golden Foods Siam has been producing healthy, nutritious and delicious food products in Thailand with the advance and sophisticated technology for domestic and international markets. The company is not only responsible for business profit, but is also highly responsible for social. GFS has been conducting many humanitarian activities through its Conglomerate Social Responsibility program (CRS); be it a helping flooding victims, helping school children and so on. Lately, the GFS has made a donation to the Thai Civilian Deminer Association (TDA) for the humanitarian landmine clearance along border areas with Cambodia; the country from which a thousand of people come to work with GFS as a factory employee under the Labor MoU.     

: GFS' Plant 5 building at Ongkarak, Nakornnayok Province    

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In the presentation about landmine problem situation in Thailand and the proposed solution by TDA senior persons to GFS managerial persons last February, Mr. Egbert Segers, Deputy Managing Director (Operation), expressed his sympathy to under-privileged people living in border area adjacent to Cambodia where a lot of landmines are still left and ready to kill innocent people including those from Cambodia side who might cross border for working or buying daily goods.      


Photo: TDA is making a presentation to GFS’s senior persons

One of senior persons, Mr. Satapana Chompoo, HR Director of GFS, said that 20 years ago when he was young he used to live in Surin province at that time there was still a serious fighting at border area. Therefore he knows how difficult people there can make daily live when they have to farm or work in landmine affected area. While Mr. Chucheep Sukpavan, the CSR Specialist, was wonder there was still a landmine problem in border area of Thailand; however he would like to coordinate and help as much as he can as CSR Specialist.


Photo: Mr. Egbert Segers, Deputy Managing Director (Operation) of GFS, second from left, is being presented by Mr. Amornchai Sirisai about landmine problem in Thailand  

Mr. Mr. Egbert Segers, Mr. Satapana Chompoo, and Mr. Chucheep Sukpavan seemed to understand landmine problem very well and would like to get the GFS to support TDA to obtain necessary equipments, tools, and some other working gears for landmine clearance such as protective vest-visor, GPS, working uniform and so on.


Thai Civilian Deminer Association (TDA) is highly gratitute to the donation made by Golden Foods Siam Co., Ltd. (GFS). It is the ever first time that a big conglomerate in Thailand has realized the existing of landmine problem in this country, and has begun to make a sufficient contribution to solve problem. It is truly a good example for many other big conglomerates, who still don’t know the existing of landmine problem in Thailand, to give helping hands to clear landmine for the safety of local people living in border area of Thailand. TDA would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and gratitute to GFS. May GFS is always blessed for the business success and prosperity. May your all staffs are happy and safety.   


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