TDA Participates in Seminar with TMAC at Sakaew 24-24 April 2012
Topic: National Mine Action Plan-Sakaew 2012

Photo: Lt. Gen. Chatree Changrean, Director General of Thailand Mine Action Center (TMAC), is giving the remark on the opening ceremony of the seminar on “Integration of the National Humanitarian Mine Action Plans” held in Sakeaw province during 24 to 25 April 2012.

Photo: Mr. Amornchai Sirisai, Director of the Thai Civilian Demining Association (TDA) is participating in the seminar.

Representative of TDA, Amornchai Sirisai, participated in seminar held in Sakaew province to share experience with local authorities, local communities’ leaders and related units such as headman (woman) of villages (as well as representatives of Sub-district Administration Organization: Or-bor-Tor) affected by landmines, HMAUs, related NGO, related government units, and so on. Objective of the seminar was to get communities’ opinions/ needs on what and how they want TMAC and alliances to help them on landmine clearance, and was also to set landmine clearance priority on landmine contaminated areas in border area of Sakaew.      

Photo: Lt. Gen. Chatree is challenging all participants to work out the objectives of seminar for the sake of affected communities and their under-privileged members who cannot make a free traveling and farming in the proximity of landmine areas close to their houses.     

Photo: Leaders of villages and communities are sharing their opinions and needs in the group seminar where representatives of TMAC, HMAUs, and related NGO are also attending.

The Seminar's workshop concludes

1.       Communities want TMAC and alliances to clear landmine from their lands and nearby public lands as soon as possible.

2.       Communities want landmine clearance just close to border line so that they can make their daily living as safe as possible (they reasoned that landmine clearance was the humanitarian activity and it had been actively done in Cambodia side-why couldn’t in Thailand), whereas the Humanitarian Mine Action Unit 1 (HMAU 1) was reluctant to do so saying that Thailand and Cambodia must finish the demarcation first otherwise thing will get worse.

3.       Both communities and HMAU 1 agreed that landmine clearance could start at areas without border problem especially farm land (agriculture areas) as the first priority, and public land where they collect forest products as second priority.

4.      Village headman of Sa-ngae village asked TMAC and related units to take some kinds of responsibility if landmine accident still happens after the handover of cleared area. In response to her, Col. Terdsak of TMAC said that government sectors would do their best, and gave more explanation that the clearance is always made to the depth of 20 centimeters,  it might be possible that residual risk at the deeper ground is still exist.           

This article comes from Thai Civilian Deminer Association (TDA)

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