NPA-TDA has signed MoU to clear landmines at Surin
Topic: TDA sign MoU with NPA to clear landmines

On 9 February 2012 Mr. Amornchai Sirisai of Thai Civilian Deminer Association (TDA) and Mr. Lee Moroney of Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) signed the extension of MoU at H/O of Thailand Mine Actions Center (TDA). Under this MoU, both NPA and TDA are partnership to carry out landmine clearance project at Surin province (NPA takes lead). We hope that the partnership project; at Kalengwek village, Tatoomkhao sub-district, Sangkla district, Surin province; will clear dangerous minefield area of about 700,000 sq. m. Local people will live safely from landmine accident. The project will also create cordial relationship with neighbour country. Thank to the Norway government who kindly fund this valuable project that truly benefit under-privileged local people.

In this event, NPA Thailand has also kindly provided TDA with office equipments; Notebook, printer, and others. TDA again sincerely express our true thank and gratitude to NPA and the Norwegian people.

This article comes from Thai Civilian Deminer Association (TDA)

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