Quality control (QC) on cleared area of 75,013 sq. m. at HMAU3
Topic: QC at HMAU3 by TMAC new standard

During 14th to 15th December 2010, TDA senior member Capt. Karn Rittipraeng (RT.) took part in Quality Control (QC) on cleared area of 75,013 sq. m. of minefield no. 434-04/5 in the proximity of Samrong khoa village, Bagdong sub-district, Khun harn district, Sri saket province, responsible area of HMAU3. Col. Sakda Dee-decha led the QC team from TMAC for this QC mission, and was escorted by Lt. Col. Puwadej U-thai-prom Deputy of HMAU3 throughout the QC.   

New QC standard, rather than traditional QC that was previously used, was applied on this cleared area of 75,013 sq. m. of minefield no. 434-04/5 where different scores are given to 4 main clearance jobs. They are: 35 scores for preparation job for QC; 15 scores for the management or the setting of minefield; 15 scores for the minefield marking be it RP, BM, TP point; and 35 scores for metal found, the less metal the high scores. The new QC will approve cleared area with score from 60, but will not approve any cleared area with score less than 60 and with metal found more than 25 gram per sq. m. 

Above: The QC process held by TMAC team on cleared area by HMAU3.

After thoroughly QC process, TMAC team approved the cleared area of 75,013 sq. m. of minefield no. 434-04/5. At the end of mission, the team also witness the destruction of landmines found and collected from this cleared area; most of them are PMN.    

Above: Landmines (PMN) found and collected, are ready for destruction by EOD team of HMAU3

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